We build the brands of the future.

Branding should be a very powerful path to innovation: brands that act as cultural leaders in their categories dominate. But conventional models pull brands out of history so they are dysfunctional when it comes to innovation. Managers in pursuit of growth end up chasing trends, a me-too approach that never works. Cultural branding is a discipline that systematically guides brand innovation: we pinpoint cultural opportunities emerging in society and build brand strategies to leverage these opportunities.


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We revitalize fading brands

(and all brands are fading).

Conventional models used by most companies stipulate that brands should never change. These models assume that brands exist in the eternal present tense. But as history marches forward, the social and cultural foundations undergirding the brand’s value shift, and the brand fades in relevance and value. By embracing present-tense branding, companies unknowingly destroy their brands. Our cultural branding model future-proofs brands: we identify the historical shifts that tear away at the brand, dissolving its value, and then devise strategies to repair these deficits.






We solve key business issues

(with cultural branding).

Conventional brand models are not strategic: brand “strategy” is a diagram filled with 40,000 foot phrases and grand statements of purpose. A pretty document that isn’t at all helpful in solving the key business problems the companies face. No wonder marketing rarely plays an important role in driving corporate strategy! My approach to branding is completely different: we design brand strategies to provide specific recommendations to solve key business issues. Our brand strategies illuminate the most influential segments, push prospects down the path-to-purchase, overcome barriers to diffusion, de-comodify key category benefits, unpack social media opportunities, retool creative platforms. Whatever consumer-facing challenges clients face, we tackle them with our cultural branding discipline.



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A new paradigm, a new discipline

Cultural branding is a rigorous theory informed by leading-edge academic knowledge, and based upon a decade of intensive academic research, published in the top academic journals and university presses, which I have transformed into a robust strategy & innovation discipline through more than one-hundred consulting projects over the past 15 years for clients across the world.


The seminal global best-seller that introduced cultural branding theory.


The sequel that details the model and demonstrates how to use branding as a powerful innovation tool.


• Introduce Cultural Branding Theory


• Cultural Branding & Global Brands


• Cultural Branding in the Age of Social Media

New HBR introduces Crowdculture and explains why cultural branding works even better in social media.

Introduction to cultural branding

Or, if you like to read, feel free to download these overview papers.

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Cultural Branding Strategy

Or these four case studies.

Fuse Case Study

Freelancers Union Case Study

Fat Tire Website Case Study

Clear Blue Case Study

Clients and brands


World’s leading cultural research team

Cultural research is uniquely powerful for spotting innovation opportunities, building brand strategies, and revealing powerful brand expressions. But to get to these breakthroughs requires a very high level of training in theory and methods, and many years of experience to deliver sophisticated analysis. Most insights research sold to clients today as “cultural” isn’t even close. For projects that require significant research, I select from my team of comrade professors, some of the leading experts in the world. Together we invented the contemporary tradition of cultural research in marketing.

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